CPR is Imperative

This essay is from one of the winners of our 2014 nursing scholarship, Theresa Grannan

One of the most imperative things to know is how to properly give CPR. CPR is something that can seem so simple but is yet more complex than you would think. CPR is not just complex because of the technique you may use but because of the fact that you are trying to save someone’s life in the process. As a society, out of the many things we value one sticks out to us the most and that is life. A person’s life is one of the most important things to our society. That is why it is important to know how to give high quality CPR during an attempt to save someone’s life. One of the many reasons it is important to know how to give high quality CPR is because you have someone’s life on the line and if done wrong you could also be responsible for what happens to them after or during CPR. CPR is not something anyone should mess around with. It is a way to save someone’s life, if done right you could be labeled a hero and if done wrong a monster; two completely different things that completely depend on if you did a valuable CPR job or not. Although it may not be as stressed as it should be CPR is more difficult than one would think when actually put in the situation. For example, your arms may get tired, your lower back may ache and you may become out of breathe or fatigued because of the constant work you are doing to save someone’s life. When you are put in a real life situation you have to realize you are not working with a mannequin anymore and there can be no mistakes made because someone’s life is on the line. This is another reason it is important to practice how to properly do CPR when you have the chance so when given a real life situation you know how to react and exactly what to do in that setting. Because CPR can potentially be life changing it is important to take it seriously like it was a real situation. Knowing that you can properly take care of someone in a situation where CPR is needed can be very rewarding because you know you can potentially save that person’s life. If you were given the opportunity to save someone’s life it is imperative to know how to give high quality CPR because you can be responsible for the outcome, good or bad, you may get fatigued and will have to know how to carry on and because you can potentially have the ability to save someone’s life. So why wouldn’t you learn how to properly give CPR if you knew the life you could possibly be saving is someone very dear and close to you! That is why it is important to give high quality CPR to anyone that needs it.