Personal Nursing Philosphy

This is an essay by one of our 2014 Nursing Scholarship winners, Arnetta Thomas.

My philosophies on nursing are very simple ones, but are very important traits to the nurse I would like to become. In my opinion caring and compassion are two of the most important characteristics one must possess in the field of nursing. However, knowledge is equally as important, because you need this to carry out your daily tasks with confidence and assurance. These three things are how I plan to carry out my own career.

Caring and compassion goes hand and hand with being able to understand what the patient is going through. I want my patients to know I am there for them, and I am the nurse that they can have complete trust in with their care. I will go about my career taking the time to listen to the patient. I will do this without bias and complete focus on gaining the understanding their needs.

Although caring and compassion is a necessity it is all so very essential to have great knowledge and skills of your craft. We must know the needs of patients through assessing and have the knowledge to recognize signs and symptoms. If we don’t have this knowledge it could make our job virtually impossible. I would like to have a full understanding of my craft and what it is that may or may not be wrong with my patient

“A nurse is someone who cares for the sick and infirm. But a nurse is much more!” (Kathy Quan, 2006) A nurse is the one who the patient is in contact with the most, and I want to be more than just someone cares for the sick. I want to be a healer, a friend, and an educator. I will uphold my promises I have made to myself throughout my career and use my philosophies to be the best nurse I can be to every patient and non patient I encounter.